Past Fall Conferences

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        Concurrent Sessions - Wednesday, October 25, 2023

        • Sky High: How Principals and School Leaders are heightening Urban Schools
          • Guilford County Schools Data Collaboration Through Cross-Department Partnership for Principals’ Meetings
          • Tulsa Public Schools Applying the Continuous Improvement Process to Improve Leadership Development and Student Achievement at Tulsa Public Schools
          • Portland Public Schools Transforming Leadership Professional Learning to Foster Equity Centered Leadership
        • Setting Sail for Improved Student Outcomes in Urban Districts: Why Governance Matters
          • Dallas Independent School District The Power of Student Outcomes Focused Governance
          • San Antonio Independent School District The 3 Gs: Governance, Goals & Guardrails
          • Norfolk Public Schools Adopting a Focus Mindset - Giving up for Students
        • Developing Interoperability Practices in Great City Schools
          • Tulsa Public Schools Return on Investment as a Leadership Mindset – An Example of Using Data to Track Efficacy of Educational Software Purchases
        • Changing Tides: The Promotion of Equity Focused Leadership and Instruction Strategies in our Great City Schools
          • Baltimore City Public Schools Troubling the Ecosystem: Equity-Centered Leadership in Baltimore City Public Schools
          • Chicago Public Schools Implementing an Equity-based MTSS Framework in a large urban school system
          • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Don’t Remain Where You Are: Equity 2.0
        • Sunrise: Strengthening Early Childhood Education in Urban Schools
          • Newark Public Schools Conception to Cradle to Age 3
          • Toledo Public Schools Bridging the PreK-3 Gaps in Curriculum and Instruction
          • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Grow Together with MNPS
        • Behind the Scenes: Successful Facility and Transportation Operations in City Schools
          • Columbus City Schools Student  Success Cards: Leveraging New  Integrations to Remove Barriers
          • Wichita Public Schools The Importance of Facility Condition Index (FCI) and its Relationship to Student Performance and Instruction
        • Feeling Groovy: Expanding Opportunities to Address Urban Student Mental Health and Wellness
          • Arlington Independent School District Transforming Students’ Social & Emotional Well-Being & Igniting Learning Through Clinic-Based Counseling Services
          • Atlanta Public Schools Learning Starts with Wellness: Embedding Access to Care into the MTSS
          • Milwaukee Public Schools COVID and Suicide - Lessons Learned in Prevention and Intervention
        • Bang for the Buck: Spending Urban School Resources Wisely and Effectively
        • With Distinction: Creating More Gifted and Talented Options in Urban School Districts
        • Building Inclusive and Supportive Programs for Urban Students with Disabilities
          • Orange County Public Schools: Are your Special Needs Students Ready for Life After High School?
          • Santa Ana Unified School District: Integration to Transformation: One Large Urban School Districts CARES Model to Reduce Non-Public School and Residential Treatment Center Placements
          • Los Angeles Unified School District A Place They Belong: Increasing Inclusive Opportunities for Students With Disabilities
        • Prologue: Best Practices in Early Literacy Instruction in our Great City Schools
        • Welcome Center: Helping Newcomer and ELL Students Succeed in Urban Public Schools
          • Clark County School District: Nuestros Sueños No Tienen Fronteras: A Comprehensive Approach to Supporting Newcomer and Undocumented Students and Families
          • Dallas International Academy- Developing a Newcomer Academy within a Comprehensive Urban High School
          • Los Angeles Unified School District: L.A. Unified’s Multilingual Multicultural Academic Language Coach Program
        • Federal Legal Updates Impacting Urban Schools
          • Impact of the Supreme Court’s Decision on Affirmative Action in Higher Education  
        • High Tide: Lifting Up Principal Supervisors and School Leaders in our Great City Schools
          • Columbus City Schools: Principal Supervisor as Instructional Leaders and Developing Equity-Centered Leaders
          • Orange County Public Schools: Effective Principal Supervision Practices: Connecting Leader Coaching to Student Outcomes
          • Los Angeles Unified School District: Preparing School Leaders with an Equity & Coaching Lens
        • How Ethnic Studies Coursework and Cultural Arts Programs are Meeting the Needs of Diverse Urban Students
          • San Diego Unified School District: Ethnic Studies SKILLS w/ English Language Development
          • Santa Ana Unified School District: Connecting to Our Past, Challenging Our Present, Transforming Our Future: Building a Student-Centered Ethnic Studies Program at Santa Ana USD
          • Los Angeles Unified School District: Cultural Arts Program: Opening Doors to Cultural Experiences for Our Students
        • All Means All: Equity Strategies for Success in Urban Schools
          • Portland Public Schools: Scheduling for Success: How Portland Public Schools Prioritized Equity During the Pandemic
          • Chicago Public Schools: Cultivating Student Connectedness and Engagement through Out-of-School Time (OST)
          • Dallas Independent School District: Integration Enrollment Strategies to Ensure Equity and Academic Success
        • Washington Update
          • Council of the Great City Schools: Who wants to be the Speaker of the House?
        • Know the Ropes: How Great City Schools are Charting a Course for Governance Effectiveness
        • Highly Ranked: Using AP Coursework to improve Urban School instruction
        • A New Chapter: Innovative Strategies to Improve Literacy in Urban Schools
          • Jefferson County Public Schools: The Whole Package: Using the Adolescent Literacy Model (ALM) to Build Content Knowledge, Critical Thinking and Community for ALL Students
          • Columbus City Schools Out of the Silo - Bridging the Literacy Gap for Our Most At-Risk Students
        • Virtual Reality: Using Advanced Technology to Strengthen Virtual and Blended Learning
          • Los Angeles Unified School District: Leveraging Synchronous Time to Increase Student Success in Independent Study
          • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools: Blended Learning Design Strategy
        • Meeting the Need of our EL and Refugee Students
        • So You're the One? Retaining and Recruiting the Best of the Best for our Urban Schools
          • School District of Philadelphia: Paraprofessional Pipeline: How the School District of Philadelphia Partnered with Local Universities and the Teachers Union to Expand Opportunities for Paraprofessional Employees and SDP Students
          • Arlington Independent School District: Exploring the Impact of Evidence-Based Coaching on Teacher Retention
          • Jackson Public School District: The Power of Support: How Jackson Public School District Recruits and Retains Top Talent
        • About Face: Addressing Student Behavioral Challenges in our Great City Schools
        • Family Friendly: How Great City Schools are Engaging Families and Communities to Strengthen Outcomes
          • Columbus City Schools: A Multi-Tiered Approach to Family Engagement
          • East Baton Rouge Parish School System: The Best of Us: How EBR Schools Aligned Existing Systems to Grow Positive Parent Relationships and Close the Opportunity Gap
          • Portland Public Schools: Learning Acceleration Strategies to Support Unfinished Learning
        • Stemming the Tide: Leveraging STEM Curriculum to Enhance Urban Achievement
          • Guilford County Schools: Creating Sustainable and Responsive Implementation Plans for Middle School Math High-Quality Instructional Materials
          • Milwaukee Public Schools: Engaging Creativity Through Problem Solving in STEM Education
          • New York City Department of Education, Chicago Public Schools, The School District of Philadelphia, Los Angeles Unified School District, Miami-Dade County Public Schools Mars Shot: Launching the National Math Improvement Project
        • Dollars and Cents: Reviewing the Ongoing Budget Process in Urban Public Schools
          • Hillsborough County Public Schools: Hillsborough County Public Schools Budget Management Fiscal Recovery Plan
          • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools: Aspirational Budgeting Process
          • Indianapolis Public Schools Foundation, Austin Ed Fund, Denver Public Schools Foundation, DC Public Education Fund: Philanthropic Partnerships to Support District Priorities: How Ed Funds Can be Your Most Valuable Partner
        • Basic Training: Developing Innovative Professional Development Opportunities to Boost Urban Students Outcomes
        • Good to Go: Preparing Urban Student's Post-Secondary Success
          • Chicago Public Schools: Roadmap for Success: Chicago’s K-12 and Community College Systems Partner to Accelerate Postsecondary Readiness & Access
          • Orange County Public Schools: OCPS Deliberate Approach to Student Achievement through Career Dual Enrollment
          • Milwaukee Public Schools: Expanding Dual Enrollment to Underrepresented Students
        • Joining Forces: How Great City Schools are Uniting with Local and UniversityPartners to Improve Urban Schools
          • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools: 4 Ways to Build a Research-Practice Partnership That Puts Kids First
          • San Diego Unified School District: Level Up SD: Leveraging ELOP to Achieve a Vision for District-wide Summer Learning
          • Oakland Unified School District: Community Organizing to Keep Young People Connected to College, Career and Purpose
        • Foundational Literacy Skill Instruction for English Learners: Instructional Practice and Materials
        • Talk to me Goose: Communications is Key for Urban Schools Success
          • Baltimore City Public Schools: Casting a Wider Net: Using Research and Lessons Learned to Evolve your Communications
          • Wichita Public Schools: Ready, Set, Go...Build Trust and Confidence in Your System So You're Prepared When Crisis Occurs
        • Staying on Course: Strategies to Keep Urban Students on Track for Graduation
          • Jefferson County Public Schools: Forecasting Cohort Graduation Rate
          • Los Angeles Unified School District: We’re All In It Together: How LAUSD Secondary School Teams Utilize Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to Increase On-Time High School Graduation
          • Washoe County School District: From Compliance to Focused Action: Guided School Performance Planning Approaches That Work
        • Rise to the Top: How Principal Supervisors are Elevating Urban School Performance
          • Columbus City Schools: Build the Plane Before You Fly It: Creating a Year-Long Work map for Systems Leadership
          • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools: Leading Leaders - Playbooks for Powerful Leadership
          • Milwaukee Public Schools: Coaching Tools for the Secondary Principal
        • Strengthening Curriculum and Instruction for High-Impact Learning in our Great City Schools
        • Get in the Game: Establishing Principal Coaching Models in Urban Districts
          • Toledo Public Schools: Coaching & Mentoring Principals Matters
          • Albuquerque Public Schools: Differentiated Professional Development for Principals
        • Mission Critical: How the Harvard Accelerating Board Capacity Summer Institute is Strengthing Urban School Board Members
          • PELP (Public Education Leadership Project) Harvard Business School: Accelerating Board Capacity (“ABC”) Summer Institute at Harvard Business School
        • Choosing the Ship's Captain: how Three Urban Districts Sailed Through the Superintendent Search Process
          • Boston Public Schools, School District of the City of Philadelphia, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, The Council of the Great City Schools: Superintendent Searches - Recommendations Learned through Experience
        • Community Center: Making Family and Community Engagement a Priority in our Great City Schools
          • Buffalo City School District: Buffalo Public Schools Community Schools: Saturday Academies
          • Orange County Public Schools: Parent Academies in the Post-Pandemic Age
          • Denver Public Schools: Cultivating Community Engagement through Community Hubs, a Collaborative Practice for Supporting Students, Families, and Communities
        • Marching Orders: Using Strategic Planning to Advance Urban District Outcomes
          • Denver Public Schools: Cultivating Community Engagement through Community Hubs, a Collaborative Practice for Supporting Students, Families, and Communities
          • Denver Public Schools: Developing a Community-Centered Strategic Plan
        • Successful Budgeting and Spending Practices in Urban Public Schools
          • Anchorage School District: Cutting Administration is Not Enough: An Urban District’s Journey to Address a $68M Deficit
          • Indianapolis Public Schools: Sustaining Impactful Programs After ESSER
          • Dallas Independent School District: Fake News, Real Results, and How We’re Finally Getting it Right: Teacher Evaluation and Compensation in Dallas
        • Calculating: Shaping the Minds of our Youth Through STEM
          • Newark Public Schools: Designing Enrichment Opportunities to Engage Students
        • Top Brass: How Three School Superintendents are Standing Up For Urban Public Schools
          • Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), Metro Nashville Public Schools, Tulsa Public Schools, East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools: Reclaiming the Narrative: Protecting Good Teaching, Important Content, and Students' Sense of Belonging
        • Clear Communications: How Urban District Leaders are providing Strong and Steady Leadership
          • Albuquerque Public Schools: How One District Partnered with Community Leaders to Address Weapons on Campus and Deal with the Public's Demand for Information in a Crisis
          • St. Louis Public Schools: The Role of School Boards During a Crisis
        • Taking Care of Business: Ensuring Excellence in Urban School District Operations  
          • Aurora Public Schools: A Community Driven Approach to Addressing Enrollment Changes
          • Columbus City Schools: Maintenance Inventory and Truck Stock Program
        • Top Gun: Securing the Best Professionals to Work in Urban School Districts
        • Out Loud: Raising the Profile of Student Voices inUrban Schools
          • San Diego Unified School District: Raising the Student Voice: How Tomorrow’s Leaders Are Leading Today
          • Pinellas County Schools: Generation Lead: Leveraging Student Voice to Listen, Learn and Lead Across the District
          • Washoe County School District: Connect, Create, Change: Inspiring Educators to Leverage Student Voice in School Improvement Using Stanford Design Thinking
        • Madres and Padres: Using Multiple Languages to Engage Urban Families and Communities
        • Gwynn It to Win It: High Dosage and High Impact Tutoring in Urban School Districts
        • Navigating Financial Tides: Governing and Budgeting in Urban School Districts
          • Cincinnati Public Schools: Financial Town Halls
          • Des Moines Public Schools: Put Your Money Where Your Priorities Are: Strategic Budgeting for Results
          • Student Outcomes Focused Governance Cohort - Atlanta: Budgeting by Amendment. How Boards Kill Elephants
        • Where are We?: Using Evaluation Tools to Improve Urban School and District Outcomes
          • Fort Worth Independent School District: Restructuring to Improve Alignment and Accountability
          • Hillsborough County Public Schools: Feedback Both Ways:  Increase Teacher Skill & Investment Through Reciprocal Feedback
          • Jefferson County Public Schools: Logic Models as Tools Assisting Improvement Efforts of District Initiatives
        • Tell Me Something Good: Using Data to Analyze Urban School District Performance
          • Birmingham City Schools: Data Dives and Data Stretches: Go Beyond the Accepted Narrative, Uncover the Silences and Impact Student Achievement
          • Sacramento City Unified School District: When Integrated Data Talks, Students Learn
        • Open Book: Successful Early Literacy Strategies in Urban School Districts
          • Columbus City Schools: A System’s Approach to Leading Literacy
          • Little Rock School District: Bridging the Implementation Gap: Fulfilling the Science of Reading Promise
          • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools: MNPS Literacy Reimagined:  Transforming Teaching & Learning Through High-Quality Instructional Materials, Vertical Coherence, and Systems of Continuous Improvement
        • Plan of Action: Mental Health Responses from our Great City Schools
        • Anchoring for Success: Creating Alignment from Helm to Deck in Urban School Districts
          • San Diego Unified School District: UTK: From Advocacy to Implementation and Efforts Towards its Long-Term Success at San Diego Unified
          • Columbus City Schools: Aligning District Leadership & Central Office to Prioritize Student Outcomes Focused Governance
          • Clark County School District: A Strategic Plan is not Enough: Ensuring Impact through a District Organizational Improvement Plan
        • Ready for Action: Developing Career Pathways and CTE Programming in Urban Schools
        • Get your House in Order: Implementing Financial Controls to Improve Urban District Schools
        • On Target: Aligning Urban School Instruction with the Needs of our Students
          • Portland Public Schools: Transformational Leadership: Harnessing Grade Level and Standards Aligned Instruction to Reduce Educational Inequities
          • Orange County Public Schools: Centralized Curriculum Supports for Secondary Content Areas
          • Guilford County Schools: Extended Learning Opportunities to Address Post Pandemic Learning Loss
        • New Recruits: Building a Strong and Diverse Urban School Workforce
        • Even-Keel: Ensuring Urban Districts Engage and Support Students and Their Well-Being
          • Fayette County Public Schools: Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning- How do we use what we have to get what students need?
          • Milwaukee Public Schools: Using DESSA to Drive SEL Intervention
        • Sunny Days Ahead: Preparing our Great City Schools for the Climate Crisis
          • Los Angeles Unified School District, Denver Public Schools, Portland Public School: Urban School Districts Responding to the Climate Crisis
        • Supporting Multi-Language Excellence in Urban Schools
          • Columbus City Schools: Seal of Biliteracy
          • Memphis-Shelby County Schools: Exploring a Multifaceted Approach to Bilingual Communications to Expand Your Reach
          • Los Angeles Unified School District: We are Seeds and Roots: Cultivating Spanish Language Development
        • Artificial Intelligence: How Urban Schools can Navigate the Waters of Urban Education
          • Albuquerque Public Schools: K-12 Gen AI Readiness: A Guide for District Leadership
        • Test to Stay on Top: Effective Assessment Tool to Boost Urban School Achievement
        • Spotlight: Identifying Future School Leaders in our Great City Schools
          • Arlington Independent School District: Turning Teachers into Leaders in the Arlington ISD
          • Broward County Public Schools: POWER UP: Building and EMPOWERING an Impactful Instructional Teacher Program
          • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools: Frameworks for Success: Defining Leadership Success from Teachers to the Central Office
        • Turning the Page: Integrating Literacy Skills Into Diverse Urban School Curriculum
          • East Baton Rouge Parish School System: Access Granted:  Literacy Coaching Success from Cradle to Career
          • Newark Public Schools: Building Academic Success in K-3: Developing Foundational and Knowledge Building Curriculum Aligned to Standards and the Amistad Act
          • Student Achievement Partners (SAP): Observing Instruction with a Commitment to Equity
        • Student-Centered: The Significant Strides that urban Schools are Making to Reset Restorative Practices
        • Next Steps: Supporting College and Career Development for All Urban Students in our Great City Schools
          • Portland Public Schools: Scaling College & Career Advising Through Digital Compliments to In-person Supports
          • Charleston County School District: Bridging the Gap: How A New Approach to College Partnership is Transforming College Readiness in Title I High Schools
          • Chicago Public Schools: Empower Ed Pathways: Unlocking Dual Credit Success
        • Driven to Tiers: How Great City Schools are Addressing the Needs of All Students with Effective MTSS
          • Clark County School District: FOCUS on Tier I Instruction to Drive Student Outcomes
          • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools: Amplifying Multi-Tier Systems of Support for a District-wide Approach to Academic and SEL Integration for Student Success
          • Chicago Public Schools: Leveraging Behavioral Health Teams as part of a Healing-Centered Approach
        • Databank: How Great City Schools are Using Data to Increase Student Achievement
        • On the Job Training: Professional Development Practices to Equip Urban School Educators
          • Newark Public Schools: Leveraging Better Teaching through Teacher Residencies in ELA and Mathematics
          • Santa Ana Unified School District: Finding True North: One Large Urban School Districts Journey to Develop Quality Special Education Professional Development that Aligns with Best Practices and Responds to Community Needs
        • Command Center: Protecting Urban District Networks and from Cyber Attacks
          • Albuquerque Public Schools: Securing the Digital Renaissance: Navigating Cyber Threats in Evolving Districts
        • Jetting Ahead: How College and Career Academies are Launching Urban Students Higher
          • Omaha Public Schools: From Turbulence to Tranquility: A Successful Implementation of Wall-to-Wall College and Career Academies and Pathways
          • Anchorage School District: CCL: Next Generation Project
          • San Diego Unified School District: Teach/Lead High School Institute
        • Clearing the Deck for Focus: a Mini-Workshop to Make Meetings Matter in our Great City School Districts
          • Des Moines Public Schools: The Big Picture - Board-Authorized Public Meetings - How Every Minute Counts
          • Seattle Public Schools: Using Board Meeting Time for High Impact
          • Anchorage School District: Creating a Streamlined Agenda for Meeting Effectiveness
        • Twice as Nice: Dual Language Programs in our Urban Public Schools
        • Manifest Destiny: Infusing Equity and Inclusion into Urban School Culture  
          • Denver Public Schools: Shut Up and Listen!: Responding to Student Voice in Pursuit of Equitable Education
          • Milwaukee Public Schools: Creating, Maintaining, and Sustaining Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Supports in K-12 Schools
        • Climbing the Ranks: Developing the Next Squad of Urban School Leaders
          • Columbus City Schools: Reimagining the School Leadership Pipeline
          • Wichita Public Schools: Creating Sustainable Leadership Pipelines for Student Success
          • Portland Public Schools: Sustaining Equity Centered Leadership Pipelines
        • Stay Classy: Boosting Leadership Development in the Great City Schools
          • Columbus City Schools: Challenging Siloed Leadership in Central Office: How Collaborative Experiences Are Breaking Down Barriers to Central Office Efficiency and Effectiveness
          • Indianapolis Public Schools: Support & Accountability: The Best of Both Worlds
          • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools: District-Wide Systems for Empowered Professional Development
        • Kind of a Big Deal: The Importance of Early Literacy Instruction in our Great City Schools
          • East Baton Rouge Parish School System: Accelerating Third-Grade Literacy and Closing the Achievement Gap in East Baton Rouge School System
          • Albuquerque Public Schools: Shifting Practices: Supporting Foundational Reading Skills in 4th & 5th Grade
          • Orange County Public Schools: "Sense"- sational Reading



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        View the videos from the 63rd Annual Fall Conference in Louisville, October 23-27, 2019  

        1. National Town Hall Meeting on the 2020 Census
        2. Rodney Robinson, 2019 National Teacher of the Year
        3. Valerie Jarrett, Former Presidential Adviser
        4. Jon Meacham, Presidential Historian and Author

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        Eric Gordon

        Council Chair Eric Gordon welcomed conferees to the Fall Conference. Read his remarks.




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        Click here to view videos from the 2018 Fall Conference in Baltimore, October 24-28, 2018  

        1. National Town Hall Meeting on Students Speak Out Ahead of Elections
        2. JIll Biden, Professor and Former Second Lady
        3. Michelle Alexander, Civil Rights Advocate and Author of The New Jim Crow
        4. Khizr Khan, Constitutional Advocate
        5. Larry Feldman, Chair of the Council
        6. Queen Smith Award Recipient

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         View videos from the 2017 Fall Conference in Cleveland 
        • Bill Gates, philanthropist
        • Van Jones, political commentator
        • Darienne Driver, Council chair and Milwaukee superintendent
        • National Town Hall Meeting on the Urban Education and the Presidential Campaign moderated by Van Jones


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         View videos from the 2016 Fall Conference in Miami, October 19-23, 2016  

        1. Dan Rather, Broadcast Journalist
        2. Sal Khan, Founder and CEO of the Khan Academy
        3. 27th Annual Green-Garner Award Banquet

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         View videos from the 60th Annual Fall Conference in Long Beach, Calif. October 7-11, 2015 

        1. National Town Hall Meeting on Urban Students Speak Out at Town Hall on Education, Race and Their Futures
        2. Fareed Zakaria, CNN Host
        3. Jose Fernandez, Former Astronaut
        4. George McKenna, Educator
        5. Khizr Khan, Constitutional Advocate
        6. Richard Carranza, Chair of the Council
        7. Green-Garner Award Ceremony
        8. Queen Smith Award Recipient

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        View the videos from the 59th Annual Fall Conference in Milwaukee, October 22-26, 2014  

        1. National Town Hall Meeting on Testing moderated by NPR Reporter Claudio Sanchez
        2. Valeria Silva, Council Chair Address


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         Fall conference program  Fall conference program
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        View videos from the 57th Annual Fall Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico October 30-November 3, 2013  

        1. Tony Dungy, Author and Football Coach
        2. Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch, Leadership Expert 
        3. David Gergen, Political Analyst
        4. Valeria Silva, Council Chair Address

        Town Hall Meeting Video on Race, Language and Culture, hosted by Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree




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        View videos from the 56th Annual Fall Conference in Indianapolis October 17-21, 2012  

        1. National Town Hall Meeting on How to Prevent Student Bullying
        2. Thomas Friedman, New York Times Columnist 
        3. America Ferrara, Actress and Education Advocate
        4. Marc Morial, CEO of the National Urban League
        5. Candy Olson, Chair of the Council
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        View videos from the 55th Annual Fall Conference in Boston, October 26-30, 2011  

        1. National Town Hall Meeting on Students Speak Out Ahead of Elections
        2. Wes Moore, Author
        3. Tony Plana, Actor
        4. Michael Casserly, Council Executive Director Gives the State of Urban Education Address
        5. Interviews with Nominees for the Green-Garner Award



        View  videos from the 54th Annual Fall Conference in Tampa, October 26-30, 2011  

        1. National Town Hall Meeting on Black Male Achievement
        2. Gwen Ifill, Journalist
        3. Hill Harper, Actor

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