• Overview:

    • Provide ongoing opportunities for us to share effective practices, build a strong history and social science program that values and respects diversity, embraces cultural proficiency and inclusion as a focal point; and provide guidance and on-the-ground support for teachers and principals.  Specific Focus:
      • Leading the Learning
      • Shifting to the teaching and learning necessary to meet the expectations of today’s history/social science standards requires systemic change 
      • District curriculum guidance, enhancements, primary sources, and other instructional materials
      • Opportunities to learn so all students can explore their curiosities, build knowledge, and become critical consumers of information.

    NOW MORE THAN EVER, students need the intellectual power to:

    •  recognize and understand societal problems.
    • ask good questions and develop robust investigations into them by actively participating in the construction of knowledge.
    • consider possible solutions and consequences.
    •  separate evidence-based claims from parochial opinions.
    • communicate and act upon what they learn; and most importantly, possess the capability and commitment to repeat that process as long as is necessary.