• Overview

    The Council together with Student Achievement Partners has launched several projects to assist districts in locating useful materials and updating current materials to meet the instructional shifts required by Common Core and College and Career Readiness Standards. 

    For grades 3-5, the Basal Alignment Project; the Basal Alignment Project Group has grown to over 40,800 members with over 350 revisions to the questions currently published for textbook readings posted on Edmodo. The group code is f4q6nm.

    For grades 6-10, The Anthology Alignment Project group has over 9,750 members with approximately 200 AAP revisions posted.  The group code is pkx4sp.

    http://www.textproject.org- This website provides links to articles, research and tools that address text complexity.

    • http://www.readworks.org- This website provides sample lessons for teaching comprehension skills
    • http://www.achieve.org - This website describes this organization and provides variety of information on the Common Core initiative including articles, research, Next Generation Assessment activities, links to other related websites and resources.
    • http://www.achieve.org/achieving-common-core - The Tri-State Collaborative (comprised of educational leaders from Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island and facilitated by Achieve) has developed rubrics and review processes so that educators may evaluate the quality of lessons and units developed to address the Common Core State Standards for mathematics and ELA/literacy. At the page, click on the “Tools” tab, found half-way down the page
    • http://commoncoretools.me- This site contains news about tools that are being developed to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards in mathematics.
    • http://www.achievethecore.org- Student Achievement Partners has created this site to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards. It includes the “instructional shifts”, as well as other resources.
    • http://www.louisianabelieves.com/resources/library/year-long-scope-sequence- This website provides unit plans that contain a focus for building student knowledge, unit assessments that connect to the unit focus and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate meeting expectations of the grade-level CCSS independently. Daily performance tasks that build toward unit assessments are also provided.