Bilingual Education

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    Re-envisioning English Language Arts and English Language Development for English Language Learners
    Read the Council’s new criteria for determining whether English language arts materials are compatible with college and career standards and appropriate for English language learners.
    36 pages
    May 2017
    A Framework for Re-envisioning Mathematics Instruction for English Language Learners
    The overarching purpose of this document is to define a new vision for mathematics instruction that explicitly attends to the needs of ELLs, addressing the interdependence of language and mathematics.
    46 pages
    December 2016
    A Framework for Raising Expectations and Instructional Rigor for English Language Learner Students
    This report outlines a framework for acquiring English and attaining content mastery across the grades in an era when new college and career-ready standards require more reading in all subject areas.
    38 pages
    August 2014
    English Language Learners in America's Great City Schools: Demographics, Achievement and Staffing
    The English Language Learners (ELLs) attending schools in the member districts of the Council account for nearly one-quarter of all ELLs in the nation. This report presents the results of a yearlong effort to compile data on ELL enrollment and programs in Great City school districts.
    116 pages
    March 2013
    Instructional Materials for English Language Learners in Urban Public Schools
    The purpose of this report is to examine how district and school-level staff members acquire and use instructional materials for English Language Learners (ELLs). The report also answers questions regarding the preparedness of district and school staff members to ensure that ELLs attain the expectations embodied in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), including factors that practitioners believe are most importantin promoting high ELL achievement
    23 pages
    March 2013
    Raising the Achievement of English Language Learners in the Providence Schools: Report of the Strategic Support Team of the Council of the Great City Schools
    This report lists a series of recommendations to raise the academic achievement among English language learners (ELL) in the Providence Public Schools.
    193 pages
    Winter 2011-2012
    Today's Promise, Tomorrow's Future: The Social and Educational Factors Contributing to the Outcomes of Hispanics in Urban Schools
    The groundbreaking study focuses on the lives of Hispanic students in big-city schools from early childhood to adulthood, and analyzes distinctions between Hispanic and Latino English-language learners (ELL).
    112 pages
    October 2011
    Raising the Achievement of English Language Learners in the Buffalo Public Schools
    Report of the Strategic Support Team of the Council of the Great City Schools. This report spells out a series of strategies that will bring English Language Learners into the instructional mainstream and improve their achievement.
    158 pages
    Winter 2009-2010