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    Academic Key Performance Indicators, 2021 Report
    The 2021 report presents an updated set of data through school year 2019-20. This report presents a number of different ways that member districts can analyze the data themselves by disaggregating results, showing trends, and combining variables. This year, a companion online dashboard was released that added the ability to conduct several comparisons and analysis beyond what is presented in this report. To access this system, go to
    204 pages
    October 2021
    Academic Key Performance Indicators, 2019 Report
    The refined set of Academic Key Performance Indicators are designed to measure the progress among the Council’s membership toward improving the academic outcomes for students.
    282 pages
    October 2019
    Academic Key Performance Indicators 2018 Report
    This 2018 report focuses on the data collection and analysis of Academic KPIs including: • Pre-K enrollment relative to Kindergarten enrollment • Percent of 4th and 8th graders proficient in reading and math on NAEP • Algebra I completion rates for credit by grade 9 • Ninth grade course failure rates — at least one core course • Absentee rates by grade level • Ninth graders with B average (GPA) or better • Absentee rates by grade level • Suspension rates • Instructional days missed per student
    235 pages
    October 2018
    Excellence for All: Creating Environments for Success for Males of Color in the Great City Schools
    This report seeks to contribute to the ongoing dialogue of raising our expectations for males of color and provide a resource for school districts seeking to build or recalibrate their initiatives to improve the academic outcomes of young men and boys of color. Throughout this report there are exemplars of current initiatives across the nation’s big cities as well as promising practices in various areas.
    36 pages
    October 2017
    Student Testing in America’s Great City Schools: An Inventory and Preliminary Analysis
    In the Spring of 2014, the Council staff developed and launched a survey of assessment practices. This report presents the findings from that survey and subsequent Council analysis and review of the data. It also offers an initial set of observations about testing in our school systems and how it might be improved. The report does not answer all questions, but it should give a more complete and well-rounded picture of the amount and range of tests administered in the nation's urban schools.
    164 pages
    October 2015
    Beating the Odds: Analysis of Student Performance on State Assessments, Results from the 2012-2013 School Year
    This thirteenth edition of Beating the Odds gives the nation an in-depth look at how big-city schools are performing on the academic goals and standards set by the states.
    43 pages
    December 2014
    Beating the Odds: Analysis of Student Performance on State Assessments: Results from 2011-2012 School Year- City-by-City Profiles
    The twelfth edition of Beating the Odds gives city-by-city profiles.
    Structuring Research, Deployment and Accountability to Support Raising Student Achievement in the Albuquerque Public Schools: Report of the Strategic Support Team of the Council of the Great City Schools
    The subject of this report is structuring the Research, Deployment and Accountability (RDA) department to support the district’s strategic plan and the Academic Plan Blueprint to raise student achievement in the Albuquerque Public Schools.
    114 pages
    February 2014