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    Annual Report, 2019-2020
    The Annual Report features the activities and achievements of the Council of the Great City Schools during the 2019-20 program year.
    24 pages
    July 2020
    Assessing Language Proficiency during Extended School Closures
    This document provides sample questionnaires across grade bands that are designed to provisionally identify students as English learners (ELs) during the COVID-19-related school closures, which impede the administration of face-to-face screening protocols.
    28 pages
    May 2020
    Academic Key Performance Indicators, 2019 Report
    The refined set of Academic Key Performance Indicators are designed to measure the progress among the Council’s membership toward improving the academic outcomes for students.
    282 pages
    October 2019
    Annual Report 2018-2019
    The Annual Report features the activities and achievements of the Council of the Great City Schools during the 2018-19 program year.
    July 2019
    Curriculum Quality Rubric: A Self-Assessment Tool for Districts
    This is a companion resource to Supporting Excellence: A Framework for Developing, Implementing, and Sustaining a High-Quality District Curriculum, that districts can use on their own to assess whether their curriculum reflected the characteristics of an effective curriculum.
    20 pages
    December 2019
    English Language Learners in America's Great City Schools
    This report presents the results of a two-year long study to gather data on the fastest-growing demographic group in the nation's schools. It updates most of the data presented in the Council's first-ever study on English language learner (ELL) programs that was released in 2013.
    164 pages
    April 2019
    Managing for Results in America's Great City Schools, 2019
    In 2002 the Council of the Great City Schools and its members set out to develop performance measures that could be used to improve business operations in urban public school districts.
    190 pages
    October 2019
    Raising the Achievement of English Learners in Providence Public Schools
    The report examines such areas as the district’s vision and goals for ELLs, the number and variety of languages spoken by Providence’s children, achievement levels and English-proficiency rates, graduation rates, identification, registration, and placement processes, ELL access to district curriculum and the quality of that curriculum, program design, teacher assignments, monitoring, parent engagement, professional development, ELLs in special education, data systems, and the like.
    192 pages
    September 2019