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    Annual Report, 2021-22
    The Annual Report features the activities and achievements of the Council of the Great City Schools during the 2021-22 program year.
    28 pages
    July 2022
    Supporting America's Great City Schools: A Summary of Member Benefits, Services, and Products
    A summary of membership benefits of the Council of the Great City Schools.
    28 pages
    September 2022
    Academic Key Performance Indicators, 2021 Report
    The 2021 report presents an updated set of data through school year 2019-20. This report presents a number of different ways that member districts can analyze the data themselves by disaggregating results, showing trends, and combining variables. This year, a companion online dashboard was released that added the ability to conduct several comparisons and analysis beyond what is presented in this report. To access this system, go to www.edwires.org.
    204 pages
    October 2021
    Advancing Instruction and Leadership in the Nation’s Great City Schools: A Framework for Developing, Implementing, and Sustaining High-Quality Professional Development
    This guide aims to present district instructional leaders and staff with a core set of criteria for what high-quality professional development entails. It focuses on practical issues of district-level implementation in multiple teaching and learning environments and provides clear, concrete guidance for district leaders in selecting, designing, implementing, and sustaining high quality professional development.
    34 pages
    April 2021
    Annual Report, 2020-2021
    The Annual Report features the activities and achievements of the Council of the Great City Schools during the 2020-21 program year.
    28 pages
    July 2021
    Connecting 3Ls™ to English Language Development Standards & Frameworks
    School districts that have adopted the 3Ls™ approach to provide rigorous instruction for English learners (ELs) have, invariably, had to make a case for what this approach offers, how it reflects best practices in English language development (ELD) instruction, and how it meets the needs of English learners. They have also had to make explicit connections to their own district standards, frameworks, and practices that guide their instruction to English learners.
    32 pages
    September 2021
    Investing American Rescue Plan Funds Strategically and Effectively; Guidance for School Districts
    The purpose of this document is to lay out a framework for the nation’s large city school systems to spend these new federal dollars strategically and effectively. It sets out overarching goals for the use of funds; articulates broad investment strategies; defines principles for the effective use of funds; and asks a series of questions that leaders and stakeholders should ask themselves as they embark on planning, implementation, and evaluation efforts.
    121 Pages
    June 2021
    Managing for Results in America's Great City Schools, 2021, Results from Fiscal Year 2019-2020
    In 2002 the Council of the Great City Schools and its members set out to develop performance measures that could be used to improve business operations in urban public school districts.
    190 pages
    October 2021