Council of the Great City Schools

The Nation's Voice for Urban Education

Improving Special Education Services in the Sacramento Unified School District
The Council was asked to to review the district’s services for students with disabilities and provide recommendations to improve performance and narrow the achievement gap between these students and their nondisabled peers. This report was designed to help SCUSD achieve its goal and to maximize the district’s capacity to educate all students effectively.
176 pages
Spring 2017
A Framework for Re-envisioning Mathematics Instruction for English Language Learners
The overarching purpose of this document is to define a new vision for mathematics instruction that explicitly attends to the needs of ELLs, addressing the interdependence of language and mathematics.
46 pages
December 2016
Enterprise Risk Management in the Great City Schools
The challenge for members of the Council of the Great City Schools is to identify best practices in managing risk, referred to in this paper as Enterprise Risk Management or ERM. The purpose of this white paper is to present key concepts of ERM and enhance the understanding of how to apply ERM to a K-12 public school setting.
24 pages
May 2016
Indicators of Success: A Guide for Assessing District Level Implementation of College and Career-Readiness Standards
A set of indicators districts might use to track their progress on implementation of college- and career-readiness standards.
55 pages
Spring 2016
Managing for Results in America's Great City Schools 2016, Results from Fiscal Year 2014-15
Managing for Results in America’s Great City Schools are components of the Performance Management and Benchmarking Project, an initiative created by the Council to define, gather, and report data on key performance indicators (KPIs) in various non-academic operations of school district management.
190 pages
October 2016
Review of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, Organization, Instruction, Research and Operations
The Council was asked to provide a high level review of the school district’s organizational structure, staffing levels, instructional program, financial operations and business services, disciplinary policies, and research and data functions. The report provides recommendations that would help the Pittsburgh Public Schools improve student outcomes and optimize its administrative structure and operations to achieve greater effectiveness.
175 pages
December 2016
Review of the Transportation Program of the Omaha Public Schools
The Council reviewed the district’s transportation program and offers recommendations to improve the transportation's program internal and external communications processes, and ways to provide more effective communications and outcomes.
37 pages
Fall 2016
Souvenir Journal, Celebrating 60 Years of Service to America's Urban Public Schools
This Souvenir Journal commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Council of the Great City Schools and chronicles the growth of the Council through it 60-year history.
58 pages
October 2016