College & Career Readiness

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    Addressing Unfinished Learning After COVID-19 School Closures
    In this guide, we focus more directly on the instructional challenges posed by school closures. In particular, we present district curriculum leaders and staff with an instructional framework for addressing unfinished learning and learninglosses, as well as a review of essential skills and content in English language arts and mathematics to support access to grade-level content in key grade transitions for all students.
    50 Pages
    June 2020
    Catalog of Instructional Tools to Help Schools and School Districts Implement College- and Career Readiness Standards
    6 pages
    August 2017
    Supporting Excellence: A Framework for Developing, Implementing, and Sustaining a High-Quality District Curriculum
    A framework that provides instructional leaders and staff with a core set of criteria for what a high-quality curriculum entails. This guide includes annotated samples and exemplars from districts around the country. It also provides actionable recommendations for developing, implementing, and continuously improving upon a district curriculum, ensuring that it reflects shared instructional beliefs and common, high expectations for all students.
    72 pages
    July 2017
    Indicators of Success: A Guide for Assessing District Level Implementation of College and Career-Readiness Standards
    A set of indicators districts might use to track their progress on implementation of college- and career-readiness standards.
    55 pages
    Spring 2016
    Implementing the Common Core State Standards: Year Three Progress Report from the Great City Schools
    The Council of the Great City Schools surveyed the progress urban public school districts are making in implementing the CCSS. This report presents the results from this third-year survey.
    61 pages
    December 2014
    Implementing Common Core Assessments, Challenges and Recommendations
    The purpose of this booklet is to help school districts across the country get ready for the new PARCC and SBAC assessments in English language arts. The booklet will briefly summarize important features of both major common core assessments—PARCC and SBAC—outline major challenges that school districts will need to attend to when planning for these assessments, and present proposals and recommendations to school districts to help them in the planning process.
    68 pages
    September 2014
    Indicators of Success, A Guide for Assessing District-Level Implementation of College-and Career-Readiness Standards
    This document is designed as a self-assessment tool for districts to gauge their progress in implementing college- and career-readiness standards. While we hope that the document is useful to a wide range of staff throughout the district, the tool was primarily designed to help central office leaders and staff assess implementation at a systems level.
    55 pages
    September 2014
    Communicating the Common Core State Standards
    A Resource for Superintendents, School Board Members and Public Relations Executives.
    52 pages
    October 2013