• Building Safer Schools and Communities:  Findings and Recommendations from the Joint Task Force on School Safety and Justice

    The issues of crime and violence facing our students go well beyond the school day and school building. The dangers they face in schools are a reflection—and often a continuation—of the dangers they face in their homes and communities, and vice-versa. Therefore, an effective blueprint for mitigating crime and violence will require the perspective and insight of community leaders, local law enforcement, and education leaders.

    The IACP-CGCS Task Force is composed of district superintendents, school district police leaders, and community police chiefs working together to develop, identify, and share effective practices, tools, and resources. Over the course of one year, the Task Force met to articulate the challenges facing students and communities and identify approaches to improve student safety in areas across the country. The resulting blueprint is both a culmination of this work and a joint action plan for moving forward and building safer communities and schools for our students and their families.