• Developed through combined efforts of Council staff together with school district academic leaders and other experts, this Second Edition of Supporting Excellence: A Framework for Developing, Implementing, and Sustaining a High-Quality District Curriculum provides instructional leaders and staff with a core set of criteria for what high-quality district curriculum guidance must entail in today’s educational environment.  This resource is designed to help districts:

    • Determine the quality and alignment of curriculum guidance to clarify the district’s learning expectations at each grade-level with a focus on student assets and diverse learners;
    • Ensure that curriculum guidance includes appropriate scaffolding and support for English language learners, students with disabilities, and historically marginalized students that is rigorous and aligned to district standards; and
    • Provide support in the district’s curriculum guidance for addressing unfinished learning during Tier I instruction that also attends to the social, emotional, and well-being of students.

    This second edition is also organized by nine key features that undergird high-quality curriculum guidance capable of improving districtwide student achievement. Each key feature includes a description of why it is important and how it looks in practice, together with annotated exemplars from our member districts appropriate for all college- and career-readiness standards. Districts content leaders are encouraged to use the actionable recommendations for developing, implementing, and continuously improving upon their district's curriculum.

    In the second edition of the Supporting Excellence Curriculum Framework, released October 2023, additional key features are emphasized that include guidance for:

    • incorporating culturally relevant pedagogy and embracing racial, cultural, and linguistic diversity;
    • providing equitable instruction across content areas; and
    • optimizing student voice, assets, identity, and agency

    An accompanying rubric will be forthcoming to assist districts in the development of high quality curriculum guidance.