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Albuquerque Superintendent to Retire

  • Raquel Reedy, superintendent of New Mexico’s Albuquerque Public Schools Raquel Reedy, the superintendent of New Mexico’s Albuquerque Public Schools, recently announced she will retire in June 2020, after serving at the helm for four years.

    Reedy began her career in the Albuquerque school system in 1977 as special education teacher at an elementary school. She then worked in a variety of roles in the district -- the state’s largest with 84,000 students -- including serving as associate superintendent for elementary education and overseeing 45 elementary schools. After a seven-month interim appointment as superintendent, Reedy was named superintendent of the district in 2016.

    “I have devoted over forty years to APS, and APS is truly my dear family,” said Reedy in a news statement. “I have announced my retirement now to allow adequate time to organize a search for a replacement who understands and personifies everything that makes Albuquerque Public Schools so unique and special.”

    Under Reedy’s leadership, the graduation rate increased by eight points, the district was reorganized into Learning Zones to better serve neighborhood schools, the district’s bilingual program was strengthened, and music and art education in elementary schools was expanded.

    According to district officials, Reedy was the second Hispanic woman to lead the Albuquerque school system.