English Language Arts and Literacy Retreat:
Building Shared Understanding of the Common Core State Standards
November 29-30
Newark, NJ

Bringing ALL students to College and Career Readiness part one: fluency and vocabulary and the research base
Securing the Core for All (ELA)
 David and Meredith Liben
Bringing ALL students to College and Career Readiness

Part two: the language of complex tests; how texts become complex

LWF- Day 1, texts 1 & 2
Powerpoint Presentation
 Lily Wong-Fillmore
How it can work in Elementary School: Providing ELs & LMs instructional support for access to the language and content of texts
LWF- Day 1, Text 3
Powerpoint Presentation
 Lily Wong-Filmore
How it can work in Middle School: a close reading exemplar
Exemplar- Words we live byLiben on Monk's Words we live by
 David Liben
How it can work in High School: a Model Lesson - Poetry
Do not go gentle into that good night

One Art
 David Coleman
Instructional Implications of the Common Core State Standards - The Shifts David Coleman
 ELA Shifts
Measurable Outcomes/Implementation Goals - Participants work on 3 action steps for next day David Coleman
 Proposed Action Steps
Day 2
Hands on work with tools: text dependent questions, using evidence, writing to sources, academic vocabulary Lily Wong-Fillmore and Meredith  
 ELA Summit presentation

 Aunt Lily's Mini-Guide to

 Point Menu
Bringing all teachers into the CCSS: Reading in Social Studies and Science: the vital challenge of brining in science and social studies teachers Sandra Alberti and David Liben
 The Great Fire

 Great Fire Blank Exemplar
Tools/Resources Available
Sources for informational text
More close reading exemplars
Publishers' Criteria
Rubric for evaluating materials
Implementation discussion - goals/metrics/action steps from yesterdaySandra Alberti
How to leverage the Council in this work/Closing RemarksRicki Price Baugh

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