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Baltimore Launches Student Learning Plans

  • In an effort to help Baltimore City Public Schools move forward post-pandemic and support students, the district recently launched Student Learning Plans.

    Every student in the 77,856-student school district will create a Student Learning Plan, aimed at enhancing students’ individual academic growth and helping the district best address student needs.

    In the plan, a student will complete an About Me section in collaboration with their teacher designed to help develop a personal relationship and a shared understanding of how the student best learns. For parents and guardians, the plan is  an opportunity to share information about their child, such as what are their needs, what should their teacher know to best support them, and how they can help their student’s learning at home. The plan is also designed to help older students address their college or career aspirations and the steps they need to take to achieve those goals. Plans will also include a student’s academic standing, status, and credits. 

    The plans are tailored to students’ ages and will be updated three times each year — in the fall, spring, and at the beginning of summer.  

    The Student Learning Plans were based on national research and developed in collaboration with educators, school leaders, and district representatives. They are intended to encourage positive goal setting, outline academic requirements, and treat families and educators as partners in a student’s learning. 

    “Student Learning Plans are our chance to not only get students back on track but to increase their trajectory for the future and ensure continued collaboration between schools and families,” said Baltimore City Schools Chief Executive Officer Sonja Santelises.