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Duval Chief Named 2021 Florida Superintendent of the Year, Dayton Leader Contract Extended

  • In 2018, Diana Greene was named the superintendent of Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, Fla., the district where she began Diana Greene her teaching career at an elementary school more than 30 years ago. Under her leadership, the achievement gap has narrowed between white students and African American and Hispanic students. In addition, the number of “A” rated schools in the district increased by almost 30 percent. 

    As a result of these efforts, Greene was selected as Florida’s 2021 Superintendent of the Year by the Florida Association of District School Superintendents. She is only the second African-American woman to receive this honor.  

    “I am grateful and truly humbled to accept this honor because it is a reflection of the great work and accomplishment of everyone at Duval County Public Schools,” said Greene in a news statement. “It is an honor for our team – Team Duval – and the entire community, which is really embracing and supporting our schools. I am honored to accept this award in recognition of everyone’s great work and support.”

    Elizabeth Lolli Contract Renewed

    Elizabeth Lolli, who took the reins of Ohio’s Dayton Public Schools in 2017, will remain at the helm through July 2023, as a result of a recent two-year contract extension. During her tenure, academic performance improved, staff salaries increased and the district opened an in-school health center. Prior to serving as superintendent, Lolli was the district’s assistant superintendent of teaching and learning.