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Council Unveils Reopening Schools Tracker

  • As the COVID-19 pandemic approaches the one-year mark, the Council of the Great City Schools recently partnered with Education Week to track how students in the nation’s 75 largest urban public-school districts are learning.

    The tracker provides up-to-date information on whether the nation’s largest big-city school systems are offering remote instruction, hybrid instruction or in-person learning. In addition, the searchable tracker offers specific reopening details, such as the dates when a school system plans to offer in-person instruction and the grade levels involved.

    As of February, 44 member districts in the Council are open for some type of in-person learning.

    “This tracker is very useful as more big-city school districts across the nation start to reopen their doors,” said Council Executive Michael Casserly. “We are glad to have partnered with Education Week to document how our school districts are providing instruction to the 8.2 million schoolchildren we serve.”