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Top Magnet Schools in U.S. Named

  • The top magnet schools in the country were recently announced and Miami-Dade County Public Schools came out on top, with the most schools awarded this year than any other district. 

    The Magnet Schools of America (MSA) honored 38 schools in Miami with the Magnet School of Excellence Merit Award, the highest honor a magnet school can receive. 

    Schools are awarded based on their commitment to academic standards, curriculum innovation, designation/diversity efforts, specialized teaching staffs, and parent/community involvement.  

    Also receiving Excellence Awards were Nevada’s Clark County School District in Las Vegas (17); Florida’s Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa (6); North Carolina’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (5); Florida’s Broward County Schools (4); Connecticut’s Bridgeport Public Schools (3); Los Angeles Unified School District (3); Florida’s Orange County Public Schools in Orlando (3); and Pinellas County Public Schools (3). 

    The recognized schools are also eligible to receive national monetary awards, including the Dr. Ronald P. Simpson School of Excellence Award, the most prestigious award a magnet school can earn. With a cash prize of $5,000 the award recognizes the work of Dr. Ronald P. Simpson, a founding member of MSA coming from the Kansas City Public School System in Missouri. 

    The schools also have a chance to be selected as the nation’s top Elementary, Secondary, or New & Emerging Magnet school at MSA’s 38th National Conference in Las Vegas, scheduled to occur later this year.