66th Annual Fall Conference

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Call For Presentations

  • Call for Presentations- An Invitation to Present at the 66th Fall Conference-

    The Council is holding its 66th Annual Fall Conference, October 19-23, 2022, in Orlando. We invite you to submit a proposal for a 10 minute presentation that addresses programs, initiatives and/or practices in the areas of:

    • Improving Achievement and Closing Gaps in Urban Schools- This strand seeks proposals about research-based practices and interventions that are having an impact on learning in the core content areas, systemic levers that accelerate academic performance, effectiveness of accountability systems, and practices that can close the significant achievement gaps existing along racial, ethnic, gender, and economic lines.
    • Urban School Professional Development- Proposals submitted under this strand might address how different approaches to the recruitment, preparation, induction, and retention of qualified teachers, principals, and school site leaders have impacted student achievement.  Of particular interest are proposals addressing methods for evaluating the effectiveness of professional development and individual teachers on student achievement.
    • Urban School Finance- Among the key issues that might be addressed in this strand are managing finances to deal with federal, state and local budget cuts, equitable distribution of funding, cost beneficial ways to allocate district resources to boost student achievement, and meeting special education costs.
    • Urban School Leadership and Governance- Critical topics that proposals in this strand might address are the recruitment and preparation of personnel for leadership roles, expanding the capacity of building leadership, role of board members, community relationships, and models of effective urban governance and management systems.
    • Bilingual Education Programs in Urban Schools- Proposals in this strand might include programs that successfully improve student achievement, especially for recent immigrants, older students and long-term ELLs, comprehensive assessment strategies, and the development of curriculum that impact ELL student achievement.
    • Special Education Programs in Urban Schools- Proposals in this strand might include programs that successfully improve student achievement, especially for students with mental, emotional and physical disabilities, comprehensive assessment strategies, and the development of curriculum that impact special education student achievement.

    • Communications/Public Relations- Proposals in this strand should be relevant to improve district internal or external communications and should equip conferees with skills and information they can take back to their districts and utilize in their public relations/communication offices.

    ***Review the guidelines before submitting a proposal. Click here to download them. Your proposal must be approved by your superintendent or dean. The deadline to submit proposals is May 27, 2022.

    Click here to submit your proposal online.