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    FGM/C Prevention: A Resource for U.S. Schools
    The latest estimate from the Centers for Disease Control indicate that in 2012 there were over half a million (512,000) young women and girls were at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation. The Council has partnered with Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation to create this resource guide for U.S. school staff to support the prevention of this dangerous non-medical surgical procedure.
    19 pages
    June 2017
    Souvenir Journal, Celebrating 60 Years of Service to America's Urban Public Schools
    This Souvenir Journal commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Council of the Great City Schools, chronicling the growth of the Council through its 60-year history.
    58 pages
    October 2016
    Good News About Urban Public Schools
    This publication documents the progress and good work that is going on in the nation's urban schools.
    44 pages
    October 2014
    Good News About Urban Public Schools
    This publication highlights the successes of urban public schools and includes stories about how the nation's major city schools are raising academic achievement, implenting innovation and demonstrating leadership and accountability. Good News also includes a list of prominent people, including Martin Luther King, Gloria Steinem and Oprah Winfrey, who are graduates of urban schools.
    65 pages
    October 2007
    Celebrating 50 Years of Service to America’s Urban Public Schools
    This souvenir journal commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Council of the Great City Schools. The document is divided into three major sections: the first section consists of a chronology of selected developments in the Council’s history. The second section provides an analysis of how and why the Council has been able to grow so impressively in stature, respect and influence. And the third section speculates about the Council’s future .
    49 pages
    October 2006
    Building Public Confidence in Urban Schools: It Begins Inside the District
    This guide is for administrators and board members to not only understand and appreciate the need for quality internal communications, but to begin developing an internal communications system to complement effective community outreach and media relations programs.
    17 pages