Upcoming Conferences

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  • For meeting inquiries, contact Alexis Vann at: avann@cgcs.org or Michell Yorkman at: myorkman@cgcs.org.

    Chief Financial Officers & Chief Human Resource Officers Joint Meeting- this meeting is for Chief Finance Officers, Procurement Directors, Risk Managers & Internal Auditors, Chief Human Resources Officers, Administration Staff, Personnel Directors, Colleges of Education, and Human Management Consultants
    February 14-17, 2023

    Legislative/Policy Conference- this meeting is for Superintendents, School Board Members, and Legislative Directors
    March 18-21, 2023
    Washington, DC

    Bilingual, Immigrant, and Refugee Education Directors Meeting- this meeting is for ELL Directors, ELL Program Administrators and Staff, Schools Leaders, and ELL Educators
    May 2023

    Chief Information Officers Meeting- this meeting is for Chief Information Officers and Instructional Technology
    June 2023

    Curriculum, Research, and Instructional Leaders Meeting- this meeting is for senior school district leaders in Curriculum, Research, School Supervision, and Innovation
    July 2023

    Public Relations Executive Meeting- this meeting is for Communication Director/Manager/Specialists, Chief Communication Officers, Director of Marketing, Director of Public Relations, Media Relations Director/Manager
    July 2023