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Fresno Voters Support $325-Million School Bond

  • Fresno Superintendent Bob Nelson With many of the district’s schools built before 1970, California’s Fresno Unified School District is the excited recipient of a bond that will be used to modernize and maintain schools.  

    Measure M, a $325-million school facilities bond, was recently approved by Fresno voters and will be used to replace portable classrooms with permanent facilities, build new infrastructure and make improvements to roofs, plumbing and electrical systems. 

    “Our overarching sentiment is just one of great gratitude,” said Fresno Schools Superintendent Bob Nelson in the Fresno Bee. “This bond initiative will allow us to extend the good work we’re doing on behalf of our students. … We called it ‘Measure M’ because it’s really about modernizing our existing facilities.” 

    Nelson added that he was born in 1969, “and two-thirds of our buildings are older than me.” 

    Fresno school board member Claudia Cazares said funds from the bond will be used to make much needed improvements such as building permanent classrooms to replace portables at schools and thanked voters for Measure M’s passage. 

     “Our children are really that valuable in this community that in this environment when many of the bonds are not passing, our Fresno voters showed our kids that we care,” said Cazares in the Fresno Bee. “For that we are eternally blessed.” 

    According to district officials, this is the third consecutive bond measure that has been approved by voters to help the 74,000-student school system.