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                  January 30, 2016                                                                               (202) 393-2427 or hduvall@cgcs.org

    Statement on White House Announcement of New Initiative
    On Computer Science

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 –The Council of the Great City Schools is pleased to support a new White House initiative to build computer science skills for our nation’s students.  Our public school students, particularly in the Great Cities, often have limited access to computers or technology outside of the school environment. 

    The Great City Schools have the unique challenge of ensuring our students are provided the same opportunities as their peers to develop the necessary skills for their future success. Increasing the focus on developing computer science and computer-based skills for all students will help to ensure their preparedness for success in post-secondary education and the workplace.

    The Council is encouraged by President Obama’s efforts to support teacher training, curriculum development, and increased course offerings in computer science. Our students will benefit greatly from the additional resources identified in the President’s three-part plan to deliver high-quality computer science content. Student mastery of computer science skills and comfort with technology are important core skills in today’s society.