A Future Doctor in the Making


    Joyclyn Reed is a 2020 graduating senior at Northfield High School who realized her dream to become a doctor one day, in part, thanks to a Denver Public Schools program called CareerConnect, which is supported by Denver Public Schools Foundation. Her coursework with the program has allowed her to shadow current medical students and get a jump start on college-level coursework in the medical field. Joyclyn is also an athlete, who played forward for Northfield’s varsity girls’ basketball team where she leads as the team’s captain. Joyclyn She was set to be this year’s keynote speaker at Denver Public Schools Foundation’s Achieve Gala 2020 until the onset of COVID-19 in April.

     Although Joyclyn has witnessed her share of hardships inside and outside of school like most kids her age, her optimism in the face of adversity is unmatched. She shared her experience realizing that perfectionism doesn’t always need to be the goal, but that at the end of the day, it’s her effort and putting her best foot forward with all that she can, that truly matters.

    Joyclyn is not only incredibly talented, she also has a remarkable drive and compassion for others. During this time, Joyclyn shared that her mother is a nurse and is a single mom working to support the family during this time, who is going out every day to help others, at her own risk. Joyclyn shared that her mother’s courage and motivation to pursue her career path has inspired her to want to help others as well.

    Joyclyn plans to attend a four year university in the fall. She has shared that the opportunities that DPS provided her with has made her dreams and journey very clear—someday she will be joining the ranks of the healthcare system, working to improve quality healthcare for all.

    Please see a video from Joyclyn as well that may be quoted, as needed. She is quite the inspiring young lady: https://vimeo.com/403001080?bblinkid=215320179&bbemailid=20617187&bbejrid=1444530203