CGCS ebook preview: A Call for Change: Providing Solutions for Black Male Achievement

In October 2010, the Council of the Great City Schools released a major report on the academic status of African American males, A Call for
Change: The Social and Educational Factors Contributing to the Outcomes of Black Males in Urban Schools. The report was the first phase of the
Council’s efforts to recommit the energies of the nation’s urban public school systems to improving the quality of education for African American
males nationwide.
In the second phase of the Council’s work, we commissioned a series of solution briefs from some of the nation’s leading scholars and experts
to help us think through an effective set of strategies to address the academic needs of African American males. This e-book is a compilation of
those papers. The solutions outlined in each paper focus on both educational and noneducational strategies, such as expectations and selfesteem,
early-childhood programs, college and career readiness, gifted and talented education, mathematics instruction, English language arts
instruction, partnerships and mentoring, successful learning communities, out-of-school-time learning, health and safety, and the school-to-prison