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Fraction Progression

The Council of the Great City Schools, University of Arizona’s Institute for Mathematics and Education (IM&E), and Achieve collaborated on the development of an online professional development module to deepen understanding of the Fractions Progression - a critical focus in the Common Core State Standards.
This  online, interactive module is available free of charge to all users through Edmodo, and takes about 60 minutes to complete. The module features:
  • Brief video segments that explain fraction concepts
  • Illustrative tasks associated with the progression
  • Built in, interactive checks for understanding throughout the module
  • Supporting material that can be downloaded and printed


Unit 1—Meaning of Unit Fractions


Task 1 (Find 1):

Task 2 (Comparing Sums of Fractions):

Task 3 (Representing Half of Rectangle):


Unit 2—Equivalent Fractions


Task 1  (Fraction Equivalence):

Task 2 (Visual Fraction Equivalence):

 Unit 3—Comparing Fractions



Task 1 (Ordering Fractions):

Task 2 (Using Benchmarks to Compare Fractions):

Unit 4—Addition of Fractions


Task 1 (Finding Common Denominators to Subtract)

Task 2 (Making 22 Seventeenths in Different Ways)

Task 3 (Writing a Mixed Number as an Equivalent Fraction)

Task 4 (Do These Add Up?):


Unit 5—Multiplication of Fractions (part 1)


Task 1 (Running a Mile):


Unit 6: Multiplying Fractions, Part 2


Task 1 (Connor and Makayla Discuss Multiplication) 1):
Task 2 (Number Line Folding)
Unit 7: Dividing Fractions


Task 1 (Dividing by One-Half):
Task 2 (How Much Pie?):

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