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    Males of Color Initiative  

    In October 2010, the Council of the Great City Schools released a major report on the academic status of African American males, A Call for Change: The Social and Educational Factors Contributing to the Outcomes of Black Males in Urban Schools. The report was the first phase of the Council’s efforts to recommit the energies of the nation’s urban public school systems to improving the quality of education for African American, Latino, Native American and other males of color nationwide. The report, along with efforts by other groups and individuals, was instrumental in calling attention to the issues facing boys and young men of color.

    Since that time, the Council has moved beyond analysis of data and facts and worked to identify solutions and spearhead systemic change in urban districts across the country. This website has been established as a resource for various stakeholders including school districts, administrators, teachers and the community at large to improve the academic outcomes of males of color. The website seeks to create a community of practitioners addressing the needs of young men across the country. The website will provide reports, data analysis, current events and other resources to support the work of districts and program administrators.