Excellence for All: Creating Environments for Success for Males of Color in the Great City Schools

In the Spring of 2017, the Council gathered school district practitioners at the Males of Color Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., for an extensive discussion on building and implementing programs to improve the academic outcomes of young men and boys of color. School districts, which have already begun implementing initiatives, shared their progress, while other districts in the beginning stages of planning an initiative learned from colleagues. This report seeks to contribute to the ongoing dialogue of raising our expectations for males of color and provide a resource for school districts seeking to build or recalibrate their initiatives to improve the academic outcomes of young men and boys of color. 

This report covers challenges and solutions in the areas of:

1) Ensuring Access to and Readiness for Rigorous Curriculum

2) Creating Access and Continuous Support Systems to Postsecondary and Career Opportunities for Males of Color

3) School Culture, Discipline, Social Emotional Learning, and Cultural Competency

4) Planning Effective Leadership and Communication Strategies for Males of Color Programs

5) Legal Considerations Related to Implementing Programs for Males of Color

Download the report here

During the Council's 2017 Annual Fall Conference, Moses Palacios presented on the Males of Color Policy Conference and the Excellence for All report. The presentation provides a brief overview of the different report components and key takeaways. 

Access the presentation here