Managing for Results in America's Great City Schools: A Report of the Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Project

This publication is the product of a multiyear effort to identify performance measures and key indicators that can guide the improvement of non-instructional operations in urban public school districts across the nation. 
This new report includes statistical tools that enable individual cities to tell whether their overall operations in a particular area fall among the top performers. Data are presented on the top two performing quartiles on many measures. The second critical feature of this report is that it presents indicators that are likely to be of most important to district superintendents, chancellors, CEOs, and school board members; and indicators that are likely to be more important to chief business officers and senior managers in each area. Third, the report presents a far more detailed discussion in many of the functional areas about why the indicators are important and what they tell one about effectiveness and efficiency. These new features are substantial improvements over earlier editions of this work.