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Council Collaborates with CoSN to Launch Groundbreaking K-12 Gen AI Maturity Tool


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CoSN Unveils Groundbreaking CoSN/CGCS K-12 Gen AI Maturity Tool

Empowering School Districts to Navigate the Future of Education Technology 

Washington, D.C. (April 9, 2024) – CoSN today announced the launch of the K-12 Generative AI (Gen AI) Maturity Tool, a comprehensive resource developed in collaboration with the Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS). Supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and endorsed by supporting partners — including the School Superintendents Association (AASA), the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA), the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), the National School Boards Association (NSBA), the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) and the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) — the tool aims to revolutionize how school districts across the nation approach the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies. 

Designed collaboratively by leading experts in education and technology, the K-12 Gen AI Maturity Tool empowers school districts to evaluate their readiness for integrating AI technologies into instructional and operational frameworks. By leveraging a comprehensive checklist questionnaire and rubric, districts can identify their current maturity level in terms of Gen AI readiness. The tool also offers targeted insights into areas requiring further attention and investment to ensure safe and secure implementation of AI solutions.

“This K-12 Gen AI Maturity Tool, which builds on our previous Readiness Checklist, represents a significant step forward in helping school districts navigate the complexities of integrating AI technologies,” said Keith Krueger, CEO, CoSN. “It provides a strategic roadmap for districts to help school districts agree on their current state of readiness, and then define their desired next level of maturity. We believe this is a powerful tool to help school district leaders.”

The K-12 Gen AI Maturity Tool encompasses six major domains essential for AI integration: Executive Leadership, Operational, Data, Technical, Security and Risk/Legal. Within each domain, sub-domains are defined to guide improvement efforts. Using a three-level maturity rubric (emerging, developing, mature), districts can assess their current state and chart a course toward advancing proficiency in each sub-domain.

“In the ongoing effort to help school districts implement Gen AI technologies, the Council is proud to partner with CoSN to release the K-12 Gen AI Maturity Tool,” said Ray Hart, Executive Director, CGCS. “This tool is a ground-breaking resource and goes even further than the checklist released last year to help school systems navigate the complex issues around AI. We encourage urban district leaders to use this tool to self-evaluate their Gen AI readiness maturity and develop, implement and improve their policies around the use of AI.”

CoSN encourages all school districts to leverage the K-12 Gen AI Maturity Tool to assess their readiness status and leverage the recommendations provided to advance their proficiency across various domains. By embracing this tool, districts can unlock the full potential of AI technologies to enhance learning outcomes and operational efficiency.

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