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New Council Officers

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June 29, 2018                                                      

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Miami-Dade School Board Member

To Lead Council of the Great City Schools

Cleveland, Boston and Long Beach School Officials Part of Leadership Team

Lawrence Feldman, a member of the School Board of Miami-Dade County, takes the reins as chair of the Council of the Great City Schools’ Board of Directors for the 2018-19 school year, effective July 1.

He advances from chair-elect to lead the 140-member Board of Directors, the coalition’s main policymaking body, which includes the superintendent and one school board member from each of the coalition’s 70-member big-city school districts.  He succeeds former Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Darienne Driver for the one-year term.

CEO Eric Gordon of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District becomes chair-elect, stepping up from the Council’s secretary-treasurer post.  He was the Council’s 2016 Urban Educator of the Year. 

The third member of the leadership team is Michael O’Neill, a member of the Boston School Committee, who assumes the position of secretary-treasurer   He was elected by the Council’s Board of Directors in March to move up to officer status after serving on the policy body’s Executive Committee.  

Also serving as immediate past chair is Felton Williams, a board member with California’s Long Beach Unified School District and the Council’s 2017 Urban Educator of the Year.  

“We look forward to the reform-minded leadership team led by Larry Feldman, as the organization’s officers represent  major city school districts that are forging ahead in accelerating achievement in urban education,” says Council Executive Director Michael Casserly.