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Buffalo Hosts My Brother’s Keeper Summer Program

SUNY Buffalo State director of bands Rick Fleming speaks to kids in Buffalo (Robert Kirkham/Buffalo News)

This summer, 86 middle school-aged boys of color in Buffalo participated in a two-week summer program called the My Brother’s Keeper All Male Academy. With more than 120 mentors working to keep the program’s young, Black participants engaged, inspired, and on the right path, this expansion of the Obama Administration program is just one of a handful of ways that Buffalo is supporting the young Black boys of their city. The Buffalo school district, the city of Buffalo and the nonprofit Say Yes Buffalo work together year-round to provide needed support to the Black boys and men of Buffalo. Other initiatives for Black boys and men in Buffalo include a partnership with Medgar Evers College to recruit more Black teachers, funding and hosting workshops for Buffalo school district parents, and job internship programs.

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